Nursing Theory, Research And Theory In Nursing

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Research and Theory in Nursing The practice of nursing is founded and dependent upon nursing theories and research. Nursing research and nursing theories are dependent on one another and share a co-existing relationship. "Research without theory results in discreet information or data which does not add to the accumulated knowledge of the discipline" (current, 2013). Theory assists in guiding the research process, it also forms research questions and aids in the design, analysis, and interpretation of research data (current, 2013). With this direct and positive relationship scientist are able to establish nursing practice guidelines. The link between theory, research, and practice is an undeniable one, it is obvious that each relies on the next and are all components that build the foundation of the nursing profession. Nursing theories are a framework of ideas that aim to describe, predict, and explain the nursing profession (current, 2013). Theory not only provides a foundation to nursing practice but it also accumulates knowledge and helps direct the future of nursing (current, 2013). Theory improves nursing practice by providing better patient outcomes, guidance for research and education, and promotes healthy communication between nurses and other healthcare professionals. Theory also enhances the professional status of nursing and is a driving force behind the increased education standards for nurses and the push for nurses to peruse an advanced degree in nursing such as a DNP (Doctorate of Nursing Practice). Obtaining a DNP (Doctorate of Nursing Practice) is the newest educational standards for advanced practice nurses. Advanced practice nurses are... ... middle of paper ... ... improved according to national quality assessment ratings ( Alligood, M. (2011). "Theory-based nursing practice has demonstrated a capacity to structure professional care, unify and simplify communication, save time, clarify decision-making, and reduce nurse staff turnover saving thousands of dollars.( Alligood, M. (2011)..) In conclusion theory and research are the foundations on which nursing practices are built on. All of these components coexist together and create a framework that outlines the standards and guidelines for the nursing profession. It is essential to incorporate theory and research into nursing practice, at the initial educational point of nursing, and as students prepare for an advanced or doctorate degree in nursing. As new research and theories are created nursing practice and the quality of patient care will continue to improve.

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