Nursing Theory: Patricia Benner's Novice To Expert Theory

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Importance of Nursing Theory: Patricia Benner’s Novice to Expert Theory Theory can be defined and be significant differently for each individual. Theory can be explained as concepts that assist with clarifying, foreseeing or intervening. As Nestel & Bearman (2015) explain “ theory is offered as a framework of ideas, which illuminates simulation-based education practice” (p.349). The framework gives individual complex ideas that transforms over time. Theories are adapted and utilized in different settings such as health care professions. IT motivates and suggests new interventions. Nursing theory is explained as nursing ideas of knowledge, research and practice. The importance of nursing theory has evolved throughout the years and has…show more content…
As Bond, Eshah, Bani-khaled, Hamad, Hasbashneh, Katauna and Maabreh (2011) explain, “ Nursing theory helps define and verify the existence of unique nursing knowledge” (p. 404). A nurse has unique knowledge associated with theory, which gives a nurse an opportunity, to evaluate and make improvements in a nursing practice. Nursing theory should be included in a master’s program because it gives a opportunity for nurses be guided in complex health care system to help become leaders, make ethical judgments and take action on specific situations. As Nickitas & Frederickson (2015) explain, “Nursing knowledge and theory is to develop and advance nursing science through research, education and practice” (p.190). The nursing profession utilizes nursing theory to develop nurses to approach and use different techniques. The goal for nursing theory is to improve patient…show more content…
As Davis & Maisano (2016) explain, “Dr. Patricia Benner’s introduced into nursing in 1982 how nurses develop skills and understanding of patient care” (p.13). The theory included five stages, which include novice, advanced beginner, competent, proficient and expert which was a used to evaluate progress in nursing skills and knowledge gained as a nurse moved up each stage. As Bulfone, Del Medico, Blasotti & Bresadola (2014) argue, “ The transition from one level to another takes place with in three specific scopes: knowledge, situational perception and self-awareness” (p. 31). These three steps provide a nurse the opportunity to rise from one stage to next according Benner’s

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