Nursing Theories And Concepts Of The Nursing Profession

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Nursing theory can be defined as a systematic, purposeful and tentative structuring of ideas to enhance the effectiveness of the nursing profession (Barnaum, 2010). It is a set of relationships, definitions, concepts and prepositions that are derived from nursing models with the aim of providing a systematic view of phenomena. Generally, nursing theory helps in improvement of the nursing knowledge base through presentation of a plan for reflection that guides profession to know how to deal with various challenges (Barnaum, 2010). The current paper will expound on the Core, Care and Core Theory that was founded by Lydia Hall in 1960s. The paper will present the major concepts and sub-concepts of the theory, its importance and application in the nursing profession. Importance of Nursing Theory Nursing theory is very important because it offers guidelines that help healthcare professionals to improve their understanding on various phenomena that they encounter in their profession such as patient care administration, professional relationships and even therapeutic interventions (Barnaum, 2010). It should be included the Master’s program because it helps the students gain sufficient knowledge on how undertake their future careers effectively. It is also necessary in helping them explore how the understanding of nursing concepts has developed over time and the key principles that have been embraced by nursing theorists. Nevertheless, it serves a great role in encouraging the Master’s students to analyze and criticize various theories and reviewing their applicability in the current times hence adding value to both nursing education and practice. Nursing theory is important to the nursing profession in that, it provides guidelines that ... ... middle of paper ... ...d as the patient in nursing care. Therefore, the core has various goals that are established by himself rather than any other individual. He, then, behaves in accordance to his values and feelings (Graneheim & Lundman, 2004). On the other hand, the “cure” refers to the medical attention being given to the patient by healthcare professionals. Hall explains that the cure circle is shared between nurses and other professionals in the healthcare setting such as physicians. This circle is the intervention that is aimed as treating the patient. Finally, the care focusses on the roles and responsibilities that are performed by nurses in helping the patient to gain full recovery. The nurses are entitled to act professionally in providing the necessary care such as patient instruction, comfort measures and meeting patient needs when help is needed (Graneheim & Lundman, 2004).

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