Nursing: The Importance Of Social Media In Nursing

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Nursing is an expressively fulfilling and worthwhile career. People become nurses to serve those in need and can sometimes neglect their own needs in the process. Nurses are more than the person who saves, educates, care for, and nurture. Nurses are people too. They not only have the benefit of saving people’s lives, they like to live their lives also. Social media has created a gateway for all people to enjoy life in different ways. So the question comes up, what is social media? According to McGonigle, social media is web-based technologies that support interactions or communication among people who belong to a social group (591). In the scenario, the nurse was not able to go and enjoy herself at the concert with her friend but was able to meet the celebrity that headlined the show because of a series of unfortunate events. The nurse made the choice of taking a picture of this celebrity and sent the photos to her friend. She also took picture of identifiable patient information. This information made its way to the Gossip Gazette which can be considered social media, because many gossip papers have a web-based version easily accessible. On top of all this, she is offered $20,000 for the pictures…show more content…
During many different clinical, I have seen the efficiency of using a smartphone and I have experienced caring for patients without the use of a smartphone. The loud environment of alarms, family members looking for a nurse and chaos was apparent at times and was a little overwhelming at times. When I shadowed a nurse using a smartphone, I felt a little more confident. We were able to decrease stimuli by providing a calm environment without all the noise. Anything that was wrong with a patient or needed from a nurse automatically went to the smartphone and the nurse was there to help. Nurses were able to call for assistance using the phone and able to track patient vitals and
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