Nursing: The History Of Nursing

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I am doing my research over nursing. Because it is good and you can help people get better. I think nursing is good because there is a lot of people getting sick. There is a lot of diseases and sickness going around (flu, anemone, bacterial infection….). These sickness are not fun.
The history of nursing goes back 1000 years ago. The first thing they do is look at your education to see if they like what you are doing. If they like what you are doing then they will let you know what they want. You have to be good and know what you are doing. Do not be sloppy.
There are millions of nurses in the world. There are approximately 2,600,000 people in the nursing career. There are probably even more now. Most people get the nursing job in 6 months. If not less. You can find jobs related to this one in the metropolis areas.
Nurses have to take the peoples blood, take their blood pressure, and give them shots. The nurses do everything besides diagnose the illness. They usually have 12-24 hour shifts. No, you can work any ho...
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