Nursing: The Challenges And Definitions Of Nursing

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Several definitions of nursing, including personal definitions from experience in the field and from patients exist today. I would define nursing as medical care and observation for a client to critically determine causes of illness and to give unbiased physical, emotional, and psychological care to all. Anyone can become a nurse with the dedication to push through school and obstacles to become one. Nursing is a broad name consisting of many fields within it. Some Nursing professions include, an office nurse, Medical-surgical nurse, operating room nurse, travel nurse, ICU nurse, and emergency nurses. The biggest issue in hospitals, clinics and nursing homes is delegating between the RN and CNA; lawsuits, injury, miscommunication, and failure…show more content…
To become a CNA nurse, all a person needs is their GED, enrollment in a CNA course, and to pass the CNA licensure exam. CNA duties don’t go beyond dressing patients, bathing, feeding, and taking vitals, such as temperature and blood pressure. Teaching and assessment of critical patients are not involved in CNA responsibilities, therefore, higher education is not required. As for RNs, their education requirements are a BSN or ADN, which is achieved two ways. The first way is the ADN route, consisting of attendance to a 2 year ADN program at a community college, from their one can move into the second route, by transferring into a BSN program, usually at a 4 year university. The best route to become a RN without the hassle of transferring schools, is to enroll directly into a 4 year BSN program. RNs need critical thinking skills because their duties include, delegating tasks to LPNs and CNAs, assessing all patients from admission in the healthcare facility to the patients discharge, providing help with medical procedures, collaborating with the Doctor’s to decide patient care plans, diagnosis, determining interventions and outcomes, evaluation, and administration of medications and injections. The duties of Registered Nurses are higher risk and require more than performing a simple task; they have to assess the patient for everything and continue…show more content…
Nurses are not at the top of the Healthcare hierarchy so they tend to be underappreciated. The profession is not easy and the road to pass the CNA licensure exam, NCLEX, and the Med Exams is the goal for nurses depending on the type of nursing profession pursued. Out of all the differences between CNAs and RNs regarding duties, education, and Licensure exams; the main goal is to maintain a patient-centered environment. No matter what type of nurse gives client care, all nurses should be

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