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The vision, mission and philosophy of any nursing student who wants to succeed in professional career depend on a number of factors. It is essential for a would be nurse to have a good recognition of the need for on-going education. According to Patricia Benner, a nursing theorist, academic and writer of many nursing textbooks, nurses should be focused on development of the proper skills and deep understanding of patient care over a long period of time not only through a reliable educational base, but also through a multitude of personal experiences in nursing practice. This fact means that nursing students need to be highly motivated to succeed in their academic studies and professional career. One of the major factors that could improve…show more content…
According to Lora Claywell (2014), the author of the book LPN to RN Transitions,”the decision to undertake a course of study that leads to a new role in nursing is not an easy one” (p. 80). It is critical to consider the factors like time, energy, finances that affect the role transformation process. Any nursing student should recognize that the change agent element aimed at further modifying of RN role should be selected properly. The transition from LPN to RN should be managed effectively as role elements are defined clearly. According to Claywell (2014), a nurse should apply interpersonal skills, energy and motivation to perform the key tasks assigned to the RN, who is responsible for leading others in change and uses evidence based practices. Besides, a nursing student should be focused on balancing education, family and work. High levels of stress caused by the lack of balance of education, family and work have a strong impact on any nursing student. Due attention should be paid to modification of critical thinking skills and values in order to establish the most appropriate communication practices, and other activities related to the new role. There is a need for conducting self-assessment and self-reflection practices which help to identify the strengths and weaknesses, which affect the desired change. Due to role play activities, it is possible to enhance critical thinking skills and knowledge. In addition, any nursing student should understand that socialization within the role is critical for the RN, who will have to work closely with cohort, study groups and mentors/educators. According to Patricia Benner's theory, determination of role specialization allows using the proper interventions and methods of communication. In today's complicated health care environment, the experience of the RN is the determinant for the quality of nursing care and the achievement
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