Nursing Simulation In Nursing

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Nursing simulation is a progressive method of education which nursing programs are utilizing to improve patient outcomes through giving students opportunities to practice and learn new nursing skills in non-threatening environments. Simulation experiences were first developed and utilized in the military and airline industries. However, many academic interest groups including medical and nursing education are adopting this technique. It is with hope that simulation experiences will allow students the opportunities they need to practice skill sets that will lead to the improvement of patient’s conditions. Evaluation of the nursing simulation also serves an important role in determining the effectiveness of the activity in meeting the objectives…show more content…
Five levels of competence are identified in this theory: novice, advanced beginner, competent, proficient, and expert (Benner, 1982). According to Brykczynski (2010), as the nurse matures professionally from various experiences, clinical knowledge grows deeper from both practical and theoretical knowledge gained through experience. A wealth of knowledge is gained through trial, error, and modification of tests and evidence-based practices in the actual situation while maintaining patient safety and the highest quality of patient care (Brykczynski, 2010). Coupled, these provide a solid foundation for the theoretical framework for nursing HPS. Through the learning process, the learner transitions from novice to expert. The student evolves from simply gathering individual pieces of patient health data to collectively reviewing the separate pieces to make decisions based on the overall situation. HPS provide experiences to allow students to improve assessment skills and see the consequences of decisions (Waldner & Olson, 2007). It is evident, how each theory relies on an experience or situation and skill set to be able to be accomplished. These are things that HPS requires as…show more content…
The use of HPS within the nursing curriculum provides this opportunity for nursing faculty. According to literature, simulation improves the confidence of newly qualified nurses communication skills, clinical decision-making skills, and teamwork skills (Stirling, Smith, & Hogg, 2012). While these improvements in the care of patients are important, the evaluation piece is most critical. Nursing faculty need to have awareness of how the designed HPS contributes or does not contribute to the learning outcomes. According to Robinson & Dearmon (2013), the evaluation process framework supports the process based on preformed standards and offers the occasion for testing and duplication of the HPS activity. Nurses must be able to provide care in a competent and safety-focused manner. Mistakes, especially if no method of correction exists, can be costly to the patient, nurses, and the medical realm as a whole. If students can be provided an opportunity to apply the knowledge they possess, receive evaluation on their demonstrated actions, and review these evaluations for improvement, it is with hope that they will be better prepared to provide high quality care to
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