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According to the Mental Health and Academic Achievement: Role of School Nurses, school nurses incorporate their skills in mental health throughout everyday communications with students. They have the intelligence and competence to acknowledge students battles regarding mental health needs (Puskar & Bernardo, 2007). The focus of this paper surrounds the importance of school nurses and how they impact student’s mental health. Although mental health is so prevalent in today’s society, people are continually blind and ignorant to the matter. School nurses provide an outlet for students to confide in, and ways to help them deal with the pressure and challenges facing their daily life. This type of nursing is incredibly beneficial to the student’s…show more content…
Throughout the journal it is expressed that there are three nursing practices to aid the students through their mental health. This includes the nursing practices of individual focused, system focused and community focused. The primary assessment performed by the school nurse is based on the students needs. This specified type of nursing helps students; parents and teachers address mental health situations. Two of the most common factors expressed by students are stress and not sleeping well, which are classified as a psychosocial symptom. Poor eating, depression, and school problems are other common elements that have mental health stressors. Two registered nurses with PhD’s constructed this scholarly journal, therefore they understand the role of a school nurse and what kind of responsibilities it entails. Although this journal is produced in Pittsburgh, PA, United States, the country executes comparable deterrents as a Canadian school nurse when addressing mental health among students. However, because health care is constantly changing, the date may be a limitation as it has been recorded more than five years ago. John Wiley and Son’s is a specialized publishing company that distributes academic journals, books, and encyclopedias thus determining this journal is…show more content…
Although the focus of this paper was based upon student’s mental health, researching added to my knowledge as to what else the role of a school nurse entails. A school nurse is a specialized nurse that provides access to health care at any time for their students. They are competent to deal with primary health issues, but are also equipped to help fragile students with life threatening conditions. School nurses allow the students an outlet to vent about any mental, emotional or physical concerns. All resources advocated for school nurses, as without them students would be extremely lost when it comes to health care. The resources discuss the positive outcomes for students that have access to a school nurse, as they help keep their students safe, ready to learn and achieve high academic grades and performance. The health care system and educational system work hand and hand when dealing with students. When you have healthy students their academic success improves. Each source states the importance of a school nurse and how they benefit their students due to the high level of nurse-client therapeutic relationships. School nurses contribute to the health care system as it generates healthy students and educates and promotes health, and how it benefits us. However, school nurses are lacking in numbers due to the problem of funding and assuring they will have a

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