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The nursing professions in Ireland has undergone major change over the past two decades. In addition to reforms in education and research, the clinical role and responsibilities of nurses have changed almost beyond recognition in some areas. The Report of the Commission on Nursing was the first channel, spearheading the introduction of clinical career pathways, including clinical nurse specialists and advanced nurse practitioners, along with other recommendations. Reports advocating role changes and a reduction in working hours of junior doctors have led to an growth of nursing roles and an increase in nurse and midwife-led clinics.
The Diabetes Nurse is described as an administrator, leader, manager, collaborator, practitioner, advanced clinician, consultant. educator and researcher. The role of the Diabetes Nurse emanated from the premise of the need to provide social and psychological support and education on how to manage disease for patients and their families .
The specialist milieu in Diabetes has recognised formal advanced training structures since 1996 , Graduate Diploma in Diabetes Nursing. Which is connected to University College Dublin and facilitated in the Mater Misericordiae Hospital Dublin. Prior to this, expertise in diabetes nursing was accomplished through working in collaboration with the Medical Consultant in the area and also entailed ongoing professional development of knowledge and skills pertaining to the speciality. Diabetes nurse specialists (DNS) possess specialised knowledge from a range of subjects including behavioural and social sciences.

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Ontology in Diabetes nursing discourse concerns the nature, object, and scope of th...

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...e plenty of randomised controlled trials which look at the effect of medical interventions on diabetes( DCCT trial, HOT trial, LIFE trial etc....) but as loveman found not actually that many on the Specialist Diabetes Nurse and the findings while mostly positive not very significant for the amount of effort and expertise that the DNS puts into her daily practice. Why? While most people view nursing as a profession, some view it as still evolving. True professionals practice independently, consultants in some respects supervise our practice. Nursing has no standardised nursing language to characterise it as a true profession , like medicine and law. It is believed that a standardised nursing language(e.g NIC, NOC and NANDA) will come with time in the mean time the importance of capturing and manipulating nurse effectiveness data is beginning to be recognised .
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