Nursing: Providing The Best Possible Care For Patients

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Personal Nursing Philosophy

Nursing has developed from its original roots, to become a personal philosophy to those who practice it. This paper describes my personal philosophy of nursing that I plan to practice in my own personal career. I believe that nursing is founded on the principles of it being a helping process with a focus on interpersonal relationships between a nurse and someone else. Nursing not only involves treating an illness, but it also provides quality patient-centered care. My philosophy involves having a strong base knowledge of medicine as well as being able to provide compassionate patient-centered care. I believe nursing is holistic and committed to achieving the best patient outcome. My belief of nursing being holistic is that it involves a person, environment, health, and nursing. I also believe that it is extremely important for nurses to be able to work in interprofessional teams as well as work together with other healthcare professionals to stimulate superior patient care. My personal nursing philosophy with be something I continually follow and strive for throughout my career.

The most important part of nursing is the person. I believe that the person is someone who cannot care for themselves. A patient is someone who is under the care of a nurse but is capable of self-care. Underneath the simple view of the person being just a patient, I also believe that a persons’ mind and body are a unit and should be taken into equal consideration when providing the best care. Our nursing handbook provides me with a basis for which I establish my philosophy, “I believe that nursing is based on a holistic view of the person who has inherent value, purpose, and dignity” (“Nursing Handbook,” 2013, p. 6). I also ...

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... person’s autonomy, promote health, provide a safe and healthy environment, follow nursing values, and work effectively in interprofessional teams. My philosophy states that it is important to value the patient’s health and environment while also implementing creative thinking skills when doing so. I believe that the nursing profession intends to provide the optimal care a patient deserves. In order for the nursing profession to accomplish its goals and follow its value, I believe that it is important for each nurse to follow his or her own philosophy while also having a unified philosophy.


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