Nursing Prioritization In Nursing

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Prioritization is an essential skill for nurses because clients should be taken care of in the order that would best benefit all clients and keep all clients alive, safe, and healthy. It also helps plan out your day and figure out what requires the most time and what should be done first based on each client needs. Nursing prioritization is the decision made by the nurse on which patient interaction to address first (Lake, 2009). Prioritization is considered a decision making process (Lake, 2009). For me in particular, none of my patients had any immediate dangers. I chose to implement safety precautions first for each patient and then reorient them to ensure their safety was taken care of first. I would say that yes, my prioritization of my patients were appropriate but I would differently as I am implementing the precautions to go ahead and perform assessments and document to prevent multiple entry’s into the client’s rooms throughout the day. Organizing is important in nursing care because it helps you plan out your day, allows you to know what needs to be done, how much time you have to spend on each task, and what test and procedures the client may have planned for the day. For my particular self, I check to make sure each patient was alive after receiving the report from the night shift nurse, then I read each chart and the patients orders and wrote everything that needed to be done down. As I completed everything, I checked things off and as each patient received new orders I add to my list of things to do for each patient. Yes, I believe I was well organized and I would continue to use my organizational method that was taught to me by multiple different nurses on the unit. Reflection on Care experience and Personal Grow... ... middle of paper ... ...unit, and got to see how I took care of two different patients while on the unit and planned out their care. Lastly you got to learn about the transition from nursing school to full time RN and what I expect to learn from the orientation process. I thoroughly enjoyed this experience on 9 tower at Carolinas healthcare Center-Main. This clinical has really helped prepare me for the transition and has helped me learn necessary skills to become a more well rounded nurse after graduation. I learn how to care for multiple patients at one time, how to pritorize care and how to talk to many different healthcare professionals. Lastly, the greatest thing I learned is, that it is okay to ask questions and to ask for help when designing a client care for the day. Asking lots of questions ensures that the client is provided the best possible care based on their individual needs.
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