Nursing: My Philosophy And Philosophies Of Nursing

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Each working nurse has his/her own philosophy of nursing. While many of nurses’ philosophies are similar, each nurse’s philosophy is unique in some way. As an aspiring nurse, there are many qualities I will strive to exemplify throughout my time as a nurse. I will strive to be compassionate, accountable, an educator, and an advocator. Being compassionate is one of the qualities that makes nurses unique as compared to other health care professionals. As nurses, we are trained to care for our patient’s in a holistic manner that takes their physical, mental, and emotional well-being into consideration when providing care. Without compassion, holistic care could not be obtained. You can provide good medical attention without being compassionate.…show more content…
Medicine is complex and can often be difficult for patients to understand. Because of this, it is difficult for a patient and their (the instead of their) family to decide which treatment option best suites the patient and the desired outcome. It is also important to be able to educate the patient and (use the instead of their) their family without showing a bias for or against certain treatment plans. It is crucial, as a nurse acting as an educator, to provide the patient with all the facts for each treatment option without knowingly leaving out crucial details. Not only is it important for a patient to fully understand each treatment option, but it is important for the patient to also understand the medication they are prescribed and how to take it properly. Some patients may be prescribed more than one medication, and it is crucial for them to understand what each medication is for, why they were given each medication, and when they are supposed to take each medication. This is important to help prevent a patient from abruptly discontinuing a medication without fulfilling the treatment orders. If this is done, then the patient may not benefit from the healing aspects of the medication. As a nurse, it will be my job to stress to the patient how important it is to take their medication as prescribed diligently to fully heal from their
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