Nursing Leadership Case Study

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Professional Engagement
Leadership in healthcare today requires communication skills, changing in healthcare delivery with limited or changing resources, strong human resource abilities, and professional engagement among nurses and management teams. The following is the Part II of a leadership case study exploring the leadership perspective for several issues.
I obtained leadership input for this case study by speaking with Robin Shepherd, Chief Nursing Officer on September 1, 2016 for the healthcare organization where I’m employed. Robin provided critical input for the topics of communication, resource management, human resources, and professionalism.
Leadership and Communication Communication is an important part of nursing to ensure safe
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Communication technology is expanding with the use of EHR, mobile devices, laptops, handheld tablets, and other electronic devices (Koivunen, Neimi, & Hupli, 2014). Effective communication must take place to ensure patients safety and transfer of information among professionals is accurate (Koivunen et al., 2014). Electronic methods for communication among nurses is increasing throughout the healthcare spectrum and has shortened consultation times, increased networking among nursing peers, and provided information to patients via webcam instead of coming to the hospital (Koivunen et al., 2014). Technology has advanced making the communication between stakeholders fast and more efficient. Nursing managers and directors can maximize electronic communication by gaining knowledge themselves to understand these new possibilities and obstacles within healthcare communication (Koivuunen et al., 2014).
Accurate communication among healthcare professionals is crucial for quality and safe delivery of services. Electronic devices and information technology are providing faster methods of communication among stakeholders and patients benefiting nurses, physicians, and all other ancillary personnel. Finally, communication has improved with electronic devices and methods; but, the nursing profession must understand the need to face to face communication providing nurturing compassion and care for all
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Hiring new nurse or staff members must pass a series of interviews to ensure the perfect fit for both employee and employer. Engagement in the workplace creates a hierarchical of emotions and perceptions within a company, its services, and products to establish a foundation of trust as a key to promote happiness among team members (Gray, 2012). Nursing managers must be engaged in the process of staffing needs to promote retention and add quality employees to the masses. Robin understood the process of employee engagement and job satisfaction to promotion of new employees and r retention of long term
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