Nursing Experience In Nursing

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A superlative nurse is not born overnight. Nor are they a recent graduate. Being the best type of nurse out there comes with experience, and even then, it is a difficult position to achieve. One might have the knowledge to understand a certain disease, but it takes practice to treat its underlying causes because every case varies per patient. From the time you start nursing school until the day you retire, it is pertinent to practice as if you were just hired. Scott (2009) mentions to be a well-rounded nurse you must have a vast number of characteristics including willingness to working as a team and thinking empathetically. To think like a nurse, one must be able to critically think. Nursing is not just about knowing facts about the human anatomy. It is understanding what is happening to the body, why it is happening, the pathophysiology behind it, and how the patients’ inner emotions and lifestyle choices affect it all. Although nurses are not legally allowed to medically diagnose they are responsible for assigning a nursing diagnosis’s. By treating the underlying cause of a disease, the symptoms with resolve too. Overall, nursing is a problem-solving profession (Scott 2009, synopsis). As a student nurse we are learning a grand amount of knowledge in a short amount of time. Therefore, it is crucial to fully understand what we have learned in the classroom so that we are able to apply it in the clinical setting. By applying the knowledge obtained in the clinical setting as a student nurse you begin to develop the habit doing certain procedures the professional and proper way. Playing the role as a licensed professional nurse now better prepares you for unimaginable future situations. By currently practicing as a nurs... ... middle of paper ... ...make it through life without anyone’s help you are sadly mistaken. We are all in the same boat now, we are all just trying to survive nursing school, so there is absolutely no reason for competition. This applies to the clinical setting as well; we are all here to save lives and make a difference. We need to do what is best for the patient no matter what it takes. Conclusively, we as student nurses should challenge ourselves to be professional, empathetic, work as a team, listen to our patients, actively use the nursing process, knowing our pharmaceutical drugs. By doing this we not only benefit our patients, but all our fellow coworkers as well. Everything we as nurses do cause a domino effect. Our primary goal is to safely discharge our patients with the intention that they’re going to be alright on their own with the information we have provided them with.
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