Nursing Essay: My Personal Philosophy Of Nursing

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I believe nursing is more then just a career, it is a lifestyle. Knowledge and skills are the foundation of nursing, however passion, compassion, and leadership are central to diligent nursing. My personal philosophy for nursing is to strive every day to be better then the last, to make a difference in myself and in others, and to never forget what it is like to be human; we all make mistakes and we can all learn from them.

The foundation of nursing and nursing practice is demonstrated in the nursing metaparadigm which consists of nursing, person, health, and environment. Nursing consists of anyone under the department of nursing, such as the nurses and health care aids, and their role within health care. Nursing involves collaboration
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I feel very strongly about family, empathy, and supportive relationships. In my personal experience, family provide structure, hope, support, and friendship. In my nursing practice, I will strive to create supportive relationships with my patient and their family by being empathetic during their time of need. As a nurse it is important to establish a therapeutic relationship to build trust and securement with the patient and family. Building therapeutic relationships allows the patient to feel supported and understood and may help to provide health information, which may otherwise be held in a nontherapeutic relationship. Other values I practice often are advocating, listening, autonomy, and beneficence. I truly believe everyone is an expert in their own health and deserve the time to express their concerns. I also feel very strongly about people having the right to be in charge of their health. In my nursing practice, I vow to always listen to my clients and advocate to promote a holistic well-being of the individual. Furthermore, as a nurse I will respect the autonomy of my patients and provide individualized care, such as religion and culture, to the best of my ability. Personally, I hold true to my values and beliefs, however, I will respect and promote autonomy for others who have different values and beliefs then my own. Lastly, I am very passionate, determined, and focused. Within my nursing career I am determined to provide passionate, focused care by ensuring I am providing holistic nursing care. Personally, I find the human body and the way we deal with and process situations fascinating, therefore, I am very determined on continually learning and individualizing care to best suit my patients and their families. In conclusion, each of my values and beliefs have come from a place of struggle, motivation, strength, and
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