Nursing Education and the Media: P.I.S.D. Pathetic Ignorance Spectrum Disorder

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There has been another scratchy eruption of media generated P.I.S.D., attempting to inflate rapid nursing education programs. The latest gem comes from Arizona. Reviewing this topic again necessitates a brief re-education and a wee summary. The nursing profession, led along by the American Nurses Association, the National League for Nursing, the regulatory state boards and legions of "advocates of nursing" insist on blasting away at their own domain from their isolated machine-gun nests. Since oh, say 1860, this collective academy refuses to mandate a bachelor's degree as the base academic entry point for America's nurses. The consequences continue to be pathetic, embarrassing and dangerous. Hideously unprepared new RNs are thus assigned to your family in acute care hospital units. Locked and loaded they are, ready to catheterize your best bulging vein or afflicted orifice. Lets start with the H-1B/H-1C/I-140 nurse-visa disaster. Astoundingly, nurses recruited from abroad under non-immigrant visa rules (qualifying as "crisis need workers") are the only candidates of any profession chronically allowed entry status without a four-year college degree. Engineering, computer science, education, and a host of other disciplines recruiting qualified foreign workers fully adhere to a bachelor's degree standard for their visa workforce. Untraceable and unaccountable, policy wonks who attenuated nurse-visa entrants from this vital educational measure are invisible. Upon arrival to the U.S., RN-candidates receive hospital-grade wages, then fail the NCLEX-RN licensing exam. Scores from the Q2 2013 NCLEX-RN national exam show an abysmal 29% pass rate for first-time NCLEX takers educated in non-U.S. nursing programs. 2013 YTD pass ... ... middle of paper ... ...t by trolling for single-celled nurses inside opium dens and underneath bridges. Rapid and advanced academic heuristics are urgently needed to extract this profession off of Hill 881 and to avoid the hopeless burdens of a herniated brainstem. If you're presently enrolled in a two-year nursing program, beware. Your preparation for a lucrative rewarding nursing career is fairly dismal. As the community colleges promise, you may indeed pass your NCLEX exam on the first attempt. In reality, without a broad educational matrix you will struggle to become a top-tier highly competent safe RN. This includes the ability to stop your co-worker from demising her little post-op Droid with a lethal drug that she can't calculate or pronounce. Your Hooked On Phonics® diploma won't suffice inside a Neuro ICU, at Boston Children's ER, or God help you - anywhere near my family.

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