Nursing Delegation In Nursing

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Delegation has been a very important element of nursing for some time now and has become more and more important over the years. In this article, it goes over the reason for the sudden interest and importance of delegation as part of the nursing process. Delegating is one of the many nursing tasks that is sometimes neglected to be taught. To delegate it takes an RN to remain accountable for a task that she assigns to a nurse’s aide. In the article the Board of Nursing Examiners rule and regulations states delegation as, “the act of authorizing an unlicensed person to provide nursing services while retaining accountability for how the unlicensed person performs the task”(Saccomano, 2011). Basically, this means that even though the RN is giving…show more content…
The reason for this is most nursing programs have not targeted the importance of nursing delegation while educating their students. Leadership, a trait that goes along with delegation, is another teaching method that is being neglected in some nursing education programs. The reason these traits are seen to be so important now is due to the amount of acutely ill patients increasing, therefore, increasing cost and leaving us with fewer RN’s with tight budget restrictions (Saccomano, 2011). In the article, it mentions that we are in the midst of changing the face of healthcare in regards to all of these issues. One of the many things that they want to stress is the act of utilizing the nurse’s aides to provide direct patient care that falls within the standards of nursing. Doing so it will be the nurse’s responsibility to supervise the being care given by the nurse’s aide in addition to their…show more content…
More often than not RN’s are not prepared for the responsibility of delegating tasks to co-workers. Being able to delegate takes a certain level of confidence. Anytime that the nurse delegates a task they are held responsible for seeing it through to the end. They are required to assess the situation and evaluate the patient care being given. After the task is completed it is important to appraise the competence of the nurse’s aide. The whole concept of delegation has been around for quite some time now that it dates back to the early nursing efforts that Florence Nightingale that started the movement of nursing. Florence nightingale described delegation to be on the more entry level side of nursing. With this being said it shows that nursing programs of today need to provide more experience with delegation tasks and to stress the importance of being able to work in a leadership role when faced with a situation that makes it necessary to do so. An example of this would be when a code blue is called and many health care team members are together in one room, sometimes it is appropriate for someone to take the leadership role and assign everyone a task.“Forty-one percent of RN’s in the US report that they were not exposed to delegation and supervision content in their nursing curriculum”(Saccomano, 2011). This is a large number of nurse’s that were
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