Nursing Change Model

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My position as a casual nursing supervisor often allows me to be an active listener for staff nurse concerns. Because I am not present for the everyday challenges of patient care issues, work schedules, hospital environment issues, and other stressful nursing issues, the nurses view me as an objective party. Moreover, since my position entails both clinical and administrative duties, it enables me to see issues from various perspectives, and often stimulates open discussions about solutions for improvement of their work environment. The recent concerns about fragmentation of care, decreased nursing satisfaction, increased staff turnover resulting in a large percentage of new nurses, combined with low patient satisfaction scores,
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The first four steps of this model, creating an urgency for change, building a team for change, developing a vision and strategy for change, and communicating the change, all center on creating a climate for change (Grossman & Valiga, 2017). The low patient satisfaction scores in combination with the high nurse dissatisfaction create the urgency for change. This stage will require the unit manager to identify nurses that have the skills and ability to be leaders in the change process, and can effectively work to break down the barriers that can hinder change. The unit manager will also be the key individual in communicating the vision and end goal for the…show more content…
This phase involves the engagement of all hospital staff in the change process. In this phase, it is important to communicate changes with all hospital staff, and to acknowledge even the smallest successes. One way to do this is by posting positive patient comments on the unit, announce successes in the monthly newsletter, and the use of bi-weekly meetings to get suggestions for continued improvement. The last stage of the change model, involves evaluation of the change and reinforcement of the positive successes (Grossman & Valiga, 2017). The staff must see the unit is committed to the change and that continual evaluation of the process change will occur to ensure the goal of increased patient and nurse
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