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The new IOM report has put a lot of responsibilities on the healthcare industry to change its face from a sick to wellness approach. With this new demand many feel compelled to start a new era in the way of putting the patient at the center of healthcare. With new laws enacted and opportunities at hand nurses have an enormous role to fulfill. Influence by the expectation of the public and our devotion to our calling, great steps are taking to make sure that the patient is receiving excellent care not only in the hospital setting but across the country. An education on what the whole movement entails has raised many questions among nurses who are asked to take a leadership role in the change. In my hospital three nurses were asked about their…show more content…
Yet the doctors won 't write orders we need to make us the bad guys in the patient 's eyes.” Assuming that we are on the same page in caring for patients we always keep everyone involved in the care informed of any changes and needs the patient may have because really we are at the bedside all the time. It is normal to be alerted when something is changing on the patients’ status or whenever the patient is complaining about something. We call doctors whenever we deem is necessary because we are the voice of the patient and their advocate. We call to support our patients while they are under our care. In the last 16 years, much has changed in the health care environment. Health care professionals now recognize that interdisciplinary collaboration and good communication are crucial to patient safety. (Lappincott Nursing Center, 2016). We advocate for the patients to keep that communication flowing in their best…show more content…
Because of his ACA my mother has to Change all her doctors, and she is a personal trainer with scoliosis. She is among the richest in America, but Obama care messes her up.” There is no doubt that some people are very angry facing this big change that took place in 2010 when the Obama care was legislated. There were two parts affected the super-rich and the rest of us. The rich could always have health insurance because they could pay, however the poor never had enough for that luxury so they had never had a chance to have a primary doctor or screen for any illnesses that could be prevented or treated. Now with the health care reform no one can be denied health care because there are options available making sure that everyone is covered. Millions now have the opportunity to get coverage through Medicaid and other can buy it at a reasonable price. Obama Care’s Medicaid Expansion Could Insure 21.3 Million Americans in the Next Decade. (Earnest, 2013).Heath care is not a luxury, but a necessity for all I this great

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