Nursing Case Study

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Look back I would like to look back on the incident that occurred to me while on training as a Seneca nursing student at Toronto Rehab- EW Bickle Centre on the 4th of June 2015. The incident happen in the isolation room of side B when my supervisor draws my attention to breaking the routine precaution regarding hand cleansing with sanitizer after leaving the room of a patient who is on contact precaution for MRSA. This patient was presented with admission diagnosis of diabetes, MRSA, hypertension, Glomerula and chronic anxiety. Elaborate In Toronto Rehab-EW Centre, there are routine that must be followed when providing care to patient in contact rooms. When you enter a…show more content…
Despite the on-line orientation and the prevention control training I was given on the first day. This act could spread the disease thereby harming myself and the patient I am taking care of. I thought it was not that important to sanitize my hand again after removing my gloves since I only went there to serve the patient with breakfast. So the clinical supervisor reminds me of the hospital procedure and the prevention control training I attended, then I reflected and realized the important of hand hygiene when a patient is on contact precautions. “Contact precautions are used for client suspected to have illnesses easily transmitted by direct client contact or by contact with items in the client’s environment’ (kozier, p.990). So, ‘nurses should follow their agency’s guidelines with respect to these pathogens’. ( Kozier , p.991). Because my patient was on precaution for MRSA. I should have taken more precaution to protect and avoid the spread of the

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