Nursing Career Plan

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Nursing had been in my life plan for a long time. My grandmother and an uncle were nurses and I had spent time as a surgical technologist in the military and yearned for more responsibility. I separated from the Air Force with full intention of getting into a nursing program. I found out I was pregnant in August of 2015. At the end of October of 2015, we found out it was a boy. After two girls, it was like the stars had aligned and we were overjoyed! He was due the 19th of April, just a few months before the nursing program would tentatively begin if I got in. On the 8th of November, I remember feeling off all day. I felt occasional cramps and attributed it to Braxton Hicks. That night after dinner I got sick and just as I got to the bathroom my water broke. I was just a few days shy of 17 weeks. I was terrified, uncomfortable and in almost immediate pain. We rushed to the emergency room where they confirmed my water had broken and did an ultrasound. There was no heartbeat. Our son was gone. Now, I was both sick and absolutely heartbroken. My fevers were high, my blood…show more content…
My loss only fueled my desire to pursue nursing. While I’d like to think I can provide the same service Janet provided me in labor and delivery, I’m not sure if my broken heart could hold up to it. It may be one of those things I never know until I’m in that position. If I can provide another person the level of care I received during such a profound experience, then somehow, it’s a way I can honor my loss. My goal as a nurse is to advocate for my patient and do everything in my power to get them to the point where they hopefully don’t need me anymore. While it’s always nice to have your name and face recognized, I’ll be fulfilled if the care that I provide is memorable for being compassionate and personalized. It was on April 19th, Matthew’s estimated due date, I received my acceptance email for nursing
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