Nursing Career Opportunities

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Even though nursing has been around for decades, it is still changing rapidly every year. From workplaces to job duties, nursing just isn’t the same. It’s better! These changes in Nursing have helped tremendously. You might not be able to see it, but I sure can. Nurses are one of America’s heroes because, they take care of the sickly, mentally ill, and the elderly.
The purpose of nursing is to encourage health and growth, to prevent any illness, injury, and disability (“Nursing Is”). Nurses guide patients toward healthy doings and support them in their time of need. When patients are able, nurses teach and encourage them on how to care for themselves. The nurses only provide physical help when a patient absolutely cannot do so (“The Truth About Nursing”). The purpose of nursing when death is inevitable is to have the best quality of life until its end (“Nursing Is”). Nurses provide a chance to die at home, to spend time with loved ones (The Truth About Nursing”).
Nursing has many different fields of career opportunities, from entry-level practitioner to doctoral-level researcher. Nurses have a very unique scope of practice, and are allowed to practice alone (“Explore Health Careers”). Nurses go through a very collaborative care of a patient, and in all settings (“ICON”).
Nursing is the fastest growing job in the United States! With over 581,500 predicted nursing jobs by 2018, nurses make up most of the healthcare industry (“Johnson & Johnson”). Nursing is a profession that seems to draw people with love and an extreme desire to help others (“Nurseblogger”). “Being a nurse has always meant more than just a piece of fabric. Interestingly, many nurses who move out of nursing and into other jobs leave their nurse title behind a...

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