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One thing I've always wanted to do, even as a child was to take care of people. Once I became older and was able to take classes in the High School, I found that I enjoyed nursing class after taking two years of fit. Now I'm working to get a job at one of the Nursing homes in Beatrice and get my CNA (which they said they would help!). Being a Registered Nurse involves many tasks and responsibilities. Some of those responsibilities are assess a patient's health problems/needs, monitor all aspects of patient's care, and modify patients treatment plans as indicated. It is important that these are done properly, and well; because people may need your help that are in crucial conditions that is required for those needs to be met properly. Registered Nurse career is within the Health sciences field. My NCC results match my decision of wanting to become a Registered Nurse. Its directly in the middle of my pathway results. I believe It would make a great profession for me, due to the fact that I really enjoy helping people in need. Not only that, but I very much enjoy learning about the human body, its functions, why our bodies react the way they do and what…show more content…
People all over the world are looking for nurses, whether it be CNA's, LPN’s, or RN’s, there all pretty needed. There is always going to be a need for nurses which means I won't have to struggle too badly to find a job. There are also so many advantages like health care, and some hospitals offer child care for workers that have kids, which is pretty common in Virginia. Some facilities also help you reach higher in your career. Say you're an LPN and you want to be a RN some hospitals/ Long term care facilities will help pay for the education in order for you to get your degree. It would be a great field for me to go into, with benefits as well as feeling good for helping

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