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Prolong working hours, the struggle to maintain composure after a death, and the frequent bursts of exhaustion from a long day of ministering care. This is what it means to be a nurse. Whether it be from the influences of media or generations involved in the career passed down, the decision to pursue nursing can be contributed to a lot of factors. Despite all the negative aspects, the significant effect a nurse can make on a patient will be everlasting. The choice to undertake the course of nursing was a result of the influence of family members, the potential to positively impact people’s life’s, and the ability to utilize skills already established and implement them into the profession. The influence of family members as they became nurses influenced my decision to pursue the profession of nursing. Waiting for my mother and sister to arrive home from work late at night, I frequently overhear their stories of the various patients they administered and the interactions they had with these people. Intrigued by these stories, I knew in that moment that I wanted a career that includes assisting others and creating a difference in a person’s life. However, my first initial thought was to not have the same career choice as those in my family, thinking I wanted to be unique. It wasn’t until the summer of my junior year in high school where I finally realized that I wanted a career in nursing. Having the privilege to work as an environmental aide in a nursing home, the precise place where both my mother and sister worked, allowed me to come upon the realization that I take pleasure in assisting others and helping them live comfortably. Not only was my family an influence in my decision to pursue nursing, but the ability to travel and pr... ... middle of paper ... ...le that includes strict times for sleeping to prevent exhaustion. By having a stronger sense of self, it allows a person to have improved work outcomes. The influence of my family for informing me about the nursing industry and the intriguing aspects of a traveling nurse has allowed me to pursue a career in the field of nursing. With the ability to be empathetic, compassionate, and productive, the journey in becoming a nurse will be manageable as I already possess a couple of the current traits imperative to nursing. Although challenges of self-care and the inability to handle death might arise, learning methods of coping and maintaining a healthy composition will help overcome these issues. The course of nursing will without a doubt be challenging and onerous, but the skills I will develop along the way as an adult will be an unforgettable and rewarding experience.

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