Nursing Career Advantages

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There are many advantages to having a nursing career. Nursing offers the wonderful advantage of job security. An advantage nurses have is job security because there is a high demand for nurses in the healthcare field. Another advantage of nursing is the excellent wages and benefits. Nurses can expect to receive a great salary for the amount of work that is performed. Also, another great advantage in nursing is that the job opportunities are endless. There is plenty of flexibility and many specialties in the nursing field that you will be able to choose a job that is just right for you. Finally, another advantage in a nursing career is the ability to travel while earning a salary and having the opportunity to help others. There are many advantages…show more content…
With a nursing career there are many specialties, and the nursing career offers flexibility in choosing the specialization that is right for you. Nurse Career Tips agrees “There are many opportunities available in many settings from prisons to schools, from large corporations to insurance companies. These nurses often enjoy regular hours and excellent working conditions. The choice of specialty is ultimately up to the nurse, and the opportunities are plentiful”(“Benefits of Nursing Careers” 4). Opportunities in the nursing field are constantly growing, Nurse Career Tips agrees “Corporations and factories often have nurses on staff now to help their employees with wellness and illness, and with on-the-job injuries and claims. These nurses are able to work independently and usually have great working hours and benefits”(“Benefits of Nursing Careers” 4). Additionally nursing careers offer many opportunities for advancement, Nurse Career Tips agrees stating “Armed with a nursing degree, many nurses are able to advance into management, sometimes even into company leadership positions. Nurses can make the choice of how far in their career they would like to advance, and are seen as experts in their field”(“Benefits of Nursing Careers” 4). Finally, another amazing advantage with a nursing career is the opportunity to travel. Nurse Career Tips claims “Many companies exist to match nurses to locations all over the world looking for experienced nurses. The nurse is often able to choose the specialty she would like to work in and the area where she would like to work. The pay for traveling nurses is excellent, and the companies that hire a traveling nurse often pay traveling costs”(“Benefits of Nursing Careers” 7). One of the great things about being a travel nurse is the pay, Nurse Career Tips agrees “The pay for traveling nurses is typically excellent. The traveling nurse can expect to receive a good

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