Nursing Career : A Career As A Registered Nurse

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When it comes to choosing which nursing careers to pick from, there are many of them. In fact there are about twenty-five different kind of nursing careers to choose form. Example of those are; Licensed practical nurse (LPN), Nurse practitioner (NP), Intensive care unit (ICU) nurse etc. The kind of nursing career that I would like to do some day is a Registered Nurse. A registered nurse is someone who works as part of a team of physicians, therapists, practitioners LPNs and other health care professionals to provide care to the patients. As a registered nurse, you can work in all types of medical and nonmedical setting including, schools, medical offices, hospitals, nursing homes, surgical centers, clinics, and other facilities that offer health and medical care to patients. As to the duties that I would have to do, it depends on the patients that I will be treating. As for example, if I am specialized in working in the ICU department, I am mostly likely to work with patients who are very ill. As general duties that a registered nurse has to do on a daily base is to, educate patients and the public about their overall health, provide and coordinate care. Provide advice and emotional support to the patient and their family. In the process of becoming a registered nurse there are some skills that I will need. Some of those skills are, effective communication, as a nurse I’ll be on the front line of care. I will need to talk to the patients and be able to support and explain diagnose to them. I will also need to be able to talk with other physicians for the overall being of our patients. Another skill that I would need is, I need to have the desire to learn. Which means I need to be able to update on my trainings and always as... ... middle of paper ... ...on where I will specialized into, which at the moment I don’t know yet. The job outlook for this profession is very high. In being part of the health care industry, it’s demanding. Later on when we go our observation I want to be able to do certain things when I get back. These are the objectives I want to conquer; Upon completion of my observation I will be able to differentiate two medicine that could be given by a patient. Upon completion of my observation, I will be able to identify three different equipment used by the nurses on a daily base. Upon completion of my observation I will be able to know how to record a patient chart. Upon completion of my observation I will be able to know how to put an ivy into a patient, and be able to demonstrate it if I was asked to. Upon completion of my observation define two medical terms that the nurses use.
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