Nursing Care as Applied to a Client with a Mental Health Problem

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An extended essay demonstrating the candidate’s ability to evaluate

how the application of theoretical knowledge gained during the course

influences and effects the provision of quality nursing care as

applied to a client with a mental health problem.

The aim of this assignment is to explore the application of theory to

practice with regards to a client with a mental health problem.

In order to effectively care for clients, nurses need to regularly

evaluate their knowledge and assess this knowledge increases the

quality of mental health nursing care. The client chosen for this

assignment was a female, 39 year-old suffering with agoraphobia. She

was a single Asian origin, but living in a council flat in London with

her father and sisters. The duration of the clients' illness was

approximately nine years, since about 1987. For the purpose of the

reader, this essay will be written in the first person, as it will

make the assignment more coherent. I worked with the client in the

community for the duration of my placement. Therefore, for two months

I had regular contact with the client everyday.

The client needed nursing intervention because she needed help in

coping with her agoraphobia. Due to this phobia she was reliably

housebound and could not successfully carry out her activities of

daily living. Her father did the shopping and housework.

In addition to this the client's functioning was impaired due to other

physical problems. She suffered from epilepsy and she had a tumour

growing in the left hemisphere, which affected her right-sided


“A phobia is a fear of a specific of a specific object or scenario”


... middle of paper ...

...each session. I then

used his list as a reference when the client began to ramble.

If supervision had not been used we could have become stressed through

interpretation and lack of reflection.

Supervision is important because it enhances nurses' education,

orientation, support and facilities and nurses to think about how to

use of self. (Hinchcliffe 1994).

Therefore, the nurses are constantly learning and gaining insight,

which impresses clients'. Quality of cares and protects nurses.

So we can see from this essay that all the care subjects we have gained

knowledge of in the course can greatly improve the clients' care it

and our ability to care for them.

We are constantly learning in practice and need to use knowledge, but

supervision, reflection and other disciplines to improve our standard

of care.
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