Nursing Care Model: The Magnet Hospital Model

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The magnet hospital model is an international design to provide optimal framework for nursing care and future research. The model is composed of transformational leadership, empirical outcomes, exemplary professional practice, structural empowerment, and new knowledge combined with innovations and improvements. Hospitals that participate in the model and were awarded the title are constantly looking to improve and expand. They strive to provide expert care globally. Scheduling and staffing are done in a way to keep nurses from burning out. The lower the burnout rate the higher the rate of satisfaction and overall health of patients. When nurses are not burnt out they work optimally and want to work with their patients and that creates better outcomes for their patients. The steps in the nursing process relate to evidence based practice in many ways. During the diagnostic, and assessment steps of the nursing process important clinical questions are considered and the critical review of existing knowledge is completed. Evidence based practice also begins with identification of the problem and knowing the clinical problem by asking questions, in relation to the nursing process. These clinical questions are asked in a concise, accurate, and organized way which allows for clear answers. Once all the specific questions are identified, the second step is to search for evidence by an extensive research of the best information to answer the question. The third step in the nursing process is to develop a plan of care. In evidence-based nursing practice, the plan of care is established upon completion of a critical research of what is known and not known about the specific problem. Next in the traditional nursing process, the nurse implemen... ... middle of paper ... ...ans were so important to learn. Without a care plan we would have no structure to work with. I also think that healthcare would be nowhere right now without Evidenced based nursing. How could we diagnose and treat people if we had no evidence behind it? We wouldn’t know what symptoms belonged to what disease and what medicine would treat it. We probably would not have as many antibiotics as we do now. Communication is also very important to have. Without it nursing would probably die out. There is always going to be someone who knows a little more than me. And without communicating I will not learn everything I can. I need the more experienced nurses to succeed and to learn from, but I won’t learn if I don’t use my resources. I learned a lot in this class by reading the book and asking fellow students because coming to study sessions was not an option with work.

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