Nursing: A Definition Of Professionalism In Nursing

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Professionalism in Nursing
Izabela Michalewicz
Chamberlain College of Nursing, NR 351

Professionalism is described as the stringent obedience towards good manners, responsibility, and honesty when dealing with individuals or other organizations in the business environment. It also shows a person’s commitment, along with their morals and competence in order to get the job done right. Treating a patient in a professional manner, showing a positive and caring attitude really goes along way, especially as a first impression. Patients can sense honesty the moment when you enter their room and it is really important to gain the patient’s trust especially when being the patient’s advocate. The performance of any health care company or hospital will grow when workers carry out their tasks in a professional and positive manner.
Professionalism is attained by showing a knowledgeable, accountable, visible as well as ethical nursing practice and maintaining a professional presence. A professional presence needs a nurse to engage in
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Courtesy and virtue go hand in hand when dealing with patients. This is the most important thing for a patient when they first meet you and helps to show the patient what kind a nurse you are. According to Milton (2008), nursing practice happens in several clinical as well as non-clinical surroundings where despite an individual's’ practice surrounding, the expectations connected to professionalism apply to all nurses. Professionalism indicates a commitment towards public interest and adopts adherence to a set of values that are maintained and understood by all. Notably, it is important that nurses invoke the elements of professionalism when; providing nursing care, collaborating with patients, fellow workers, other members of the health care group and the public, nurturing the growth of other nurses, making an effort to address workplace and system enhancements, and encouraging for health public
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