Nursing : A Career Of A Registered Nurse

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Registered Nurse The Healthcare Professions program is a program that allows you to branch off into different careers in the medical field. One of those careers is a registered nurse. A registered nurse is a very important career in the medical field. You have probably been treated by one. When you go to the emergency room, they are the first medical worker to examine you. A registered nurse (RN) works with a group of doctors and tests and records the condition of their patients. The patient’s medical histories and symptoms will be recorded and reported to a doctor by a registered nurse. They are very knowledgeable about medical terminology, illnesses, injuries, and more. RN’s are responsible for educating their patients, and the patients’ families, about their condition, and how to eliminate or cope with their condition. When caring for a patient, RNs are responsible for operating and monitoring medical equipment, and providing medicines and treatments. When the patient is ready to be discharged, they will receive information about what to do at home after the treatment from an RN. Registered nurses work inside all day and are on their feet constantly. Being a registered nurse requires a lot of exertion; they bend, walk, stretch and stand for long periods of time. They also come in contact with many sicknesses and diseases that are harmful. Registered nurses generally work in hospitals, doctor's’ offices, nursing homes, care centers, their patients’ homes, or other medical care facilities. Their job hours are sometimes unusual and differ from most other jobs; they can be required to work night shifts, weekends, holidays, or very long shifts. Another part of being an RN means that they interact with people all day. A cruci... ... middle of paper ... ...rsing home or other care facility is the lowest paying job. Many other careers are available through the Healthcare Professions program; it is all about finding what you love. Many occupations are related to registered nursing if that is something you might be interested in. Dental hygienists, for example, clean teeth, take x-rays, educate patients about oral health, and more. Another related career is an emergency medical technician (EMT) and paramedic. Some things they do include responding to 911 calls, transporting patients in an ambulance, and treating their condition. There are many other occupations. Registered nurses are the most versatile roles in the nursing industry and the demand for them is growing, and to think that they are just a small part of the Healthcare Professions Program, imagine the difference you could make pursuing something that you enjoy.
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