Nursing: A Career Of A Registered Nurse

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“Behind every good doctor is a great nurse.” Nurses assist doctors by carrying out the instructions by which they have instructed to the patient. Registered Nurses perform the duties of taking care of their patients and making sure they understand the seriousness’s of their estate. Registered Nursing is an interest because it promotes the wellbeing of people. Documenting symptoms and recent medical history from the Registered Nurse help assist the doctor in diagnosing the patient. The career of a Registered Nurse resorts back to the history from which it derived. Becoming a Registered Nurse requires an established career in healthcare helping improve the aspect of the lives of everyone.
Nursing originally derived from the medieval era when nuns exercised their assistance to medical practitioners for injured Christian Warriors. The basics of nursing education were outlined by Florence Nightingale during the arrival of the Crimean War. In great detail she wrote a book entitled “Notes on Nursing” that explained the duties and subjections of a nurse. Nursing was then considered for the first time a professional job because particular training and education was needed to fulfill the duties. Many physicians recognized the significance of nursing and instructed a course for people who aspired to be potential nurse. During the Civil War the demand for nurses became a great need for the massive number of injured veterans. Nurse Registration Acts was passed and in 1903 North Carolina was the first state to grasp the Nursing Licensure Act. Nursing has expanded tremendously into its own individual categories such as Registered Nurses (RNs), Nurse Practitioners (NPs), and Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs), etc. Nursing continues to evolve over...

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...ies. In the state of California there are about 43% of newly licensed Registered Nurses who do not have jobs. This is mainly because most nursing jobs prefer nurses who already have experience in the job. Field Memorial Community Hospital, Catching’s Clinic, and Wilkinson County Senior Care are local Registered Nursing Jobs in my area. Registered Nursing helps to benefit the community by helping patients improve their health.
Registered Nursing will always thrive in the medical field because of the aging times. Elderly people tend to need medical attention and people to care for them. People will always get sick and need help getting better. Therefore nurses will always need to be around to help aid doctors in there diagnosis to get patients better. Dedicating all the time and patience to each and every person who needs help is what will make the job worthwhile.
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