Nursing: A Career As A Nursing Career

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Ever since my younger brother was born I knew that I wanted to be in the medical field. My brother was a premature baby who has had lots of problems as in infant. This is one of the reasons why my desire to help people expanded. I saw what my mom went through when she had to drive to Wichita everyday just to see her little one and not only was it the driving, but it was also seeing my brother hooked on to so many machines. Question after question and translation after translation, I began to like the idea of becoming a nurse. As I got older I wanted to be the one who deals with the pregnancies and delivers the baby, not just caring for the newborns. As a nurse I can shine, but as an obstetrics (OB) I will be able glow and that is what I want.…show more content…
According to Wichita State University, a BSN takes four years to complete, the first two years focus on human growth and development, psychology, microbiology, biology, organic chemistry, anatomy and physiology and nutrition. During these two years a TEAS exam needs to be taken unless you got a 27 on your ACT. While the last two years focus on maternal/child health; psychiatric/mental health nursing; pediatrics; adult acute and chronic disease and community health nursing. These classes are required for a nursing degree to get better understanding on what occurs with a patient. Nurses have to be good at assessment of patients, diagnosis, planning, implementation, and evaluation of their patients because without one of these the patient could get the wrong treatment or dosage…show more content…
These steps are a lot different than toughs of a nurse. These steps include: completing your undergraduate degree, passing Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) that is a days long exam, complete medical school which is another four years, complete residency that lasts three to seven years and finally obtaining a license. The MCAT test your biology, chemistry, physics, writing and reading abilities. Just like to become a nurse you have to take an exam, but that exam is a lot easier than the MCAT. About half of the people who take the exam pass and move on. Although nursing school may seem hard, medical school is harder. It involves lots of studying, clinicals, and being on your toes. This has a down fall to it because you end up having no time for yourself. All you are trying to do is get good grades and make it to the next round. This is the same way for nursing school because I have heard from people in the program and my adviser that your free time is very limited, especially if you have to go to work. You also need to balance school and work appropriately in both nursing school and medical school. Nobody wants a tired person caring for their loved one (Become an OBGYN: Education Requirements and Career

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