Nursing 1420 Stress Management

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Kendyl Wulff
Nursing 1420
Davidson, Oltmans, Reeves, Rurup
April 4, 2016
Stress Management
The first stress assessment that I took was the stress assessment rating scale. The assessment consisted of questions related to how content you are and asked about both positive and negative coping mechanisms. They asked a series of questions and asked on a scale of 1-5 if you never (5), rarely (4), sometimes (3), often (2) and always (1) do something. At the end of the assessment you add up all your scores and find your results related to that number. I received a score of 33 which falls in the range of learning. It states “You are managing to a considerable extent. There is some room for improvement. You will benefit from taking a Transformation

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that they took the stress assessment rating scale and the holmes and rahe anxiety scale. they scored an 88 and were put into the category of no significant problem.
  • Explains that they will participate in at least two self-nurturing behaviors every day to help decrease stress. these include knitting, exercising, yoga, writing, venting to a friend, and swinging.
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