Nurses- do they get enough respect?

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Nurses have such an important role in our lives. They are there when we are born; we die; and anytime we need them in-between. I fail to see why they are still being paid such a substantial amount less than people who have less important jobs. For example, some footballers are paid almost £300,000 a week. This means that footballers are paid more in day than nurses are paid over a whole year- in my opinion, this is absolutely ridiculous. I personally think, if the government were a little wiser with their money, they might be able to give nurses a slightly higher maximum salary than £35,000 a year. For example, the government waste £1.2 billion a year on benefit fraud and £300 million on tax fraud. That is a total of £1.5 billion being wasted, and its increasing every year. If the government didn’t make it so easy to claim benefits, nurses might actually get the amount of money they deserve, rather than people effectively stealing money they do not need nor deserve. Minimising benefit fraud could potentially increase nurses salaries by a substantial amount. Many nurses work voluntari...
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