Nurses' Roles in Health Promotion

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Health Promotion
Nurses play an important role in promoting health within the patient, family, and community (Kemppainen, Tassavainen, & Turunen, 2012). The focus of patient care has been transferred from treating the illness to disease prevention (Mchugh, Robinson, & Chesters, 2010). The implementation of consultation, education, and follow up exams can increase the overall quality of life for an individual (Kemppainen et al., 2012). I will discuss the various roles of a nurse in health promotion along with the multiple work environments in which they can be implemented within. I will also reveal the maintenance plan of my own personal health regimen.
The ability to be an educator, advocate, empowering agent, coordinator of care, consultant, and role model are necessary when facilitating positive lifestyle changes for the patient (Blais & Hayes, 2011). A nurse should educate her patient on the benefits of conducting a healthy lifestyle, such as eating healthy, exercising, obtaining adequate amount of sleep, refraining from the intake of harmful substances, and participating in early detection diagnostic tests and screenings (Blais & Hayes, 2011). A plan can be implemented once the patient understands the benefits and risks of their current lifestyle.
The nurse can coordinate a plan with the patient to substitute unhealthy choices and attitudes with more wholesome and beneficial alternatives. A healthy meal plan and exercise regimen can be designed to assist with weight loss and stress reduction. A daily schedule and time management skills can be incorporated to maintain sufficient sleep hours. Seeking professional help and joining support groups within the community can contribute to the goal of being tobacco and alcohol free. ...

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...positive outcomes (Piper, 2008).
I commend you for the exercise and dietary changes that you have incorporated into your healthier approach to life. I also challenge you to continue with the strength and determination that will help you and your patients achieve a long term goal of health and happiness.

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