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Nurse Staffing and Patient Safety The significance of adequate nurse staffing with the objective to deliver high-quality patient care is considered to be a principle landmark in healthcare. The association between nurse staffing and patient outcomes have been evaluated in various studies but they have primarily been viewed as background variables. However, there has been evidence that brought into perspective the rationale that nurse staffing exerts both direct and indirect effects on patient outcome. Within this context, the main focus is based on the ideology that inadequate nurse staffing leads to negative patient outcome and, as a result, jeopardizes patient safety within a healthcare setting. Nurse Burnout Arguably, the idea of inadequate…show more content…
Arguably, a nurse caring for five patients is expected to advance relatively better level of care compared to a nurse caring for fifteen patients at the same time. Such a situation results in patient dissatisfaction, longer lengths of stay and higher rate of readmissions. In 2002, a study by Linda Aiken highlighted that; “…for every additional patient a nurse cared for, patients were at a 7% greater risk of dying within 30 days of admission, and there also was a greater risk of failure to rescue” (Inadequate Staffing Harms Quality and the Bottom Line, 2017). The study’s findings were reiterated by another study conducted by the University of California where it was found that increased patient mortality can be linked to inadequate nurse staffing (Inadequate Staffing Harms Quality and the Bottom Line,…show more content…
Refraining from blame being placed on nurses in regards to lapses in patient care, hospital administrators should ensure the safety of patients by examination of how health care is provided within the facility in relationship to changing nurses working conditions in an effort to allow safe care to patients. With inadequate nurse staffing in connections to unrealistic work loads contributes to unnecessary burden on nursing staff, reducing the quality of care that nurses can provide. Appropriate nurse staffing level are essential to optimizing quality of care and patient outcomes in this era of value-based

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