Nurse Leadership Case Study

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1) One of the strategies that nurses should employ to grow as leaders and help transform health care entails being actively engaged in leadership at all times. Nurses should partner with other health care providers in redesigning and reshaping health care delivery in this country. They need to enter into a partnership with physicians and other health care professionals (Hassmiller, 2014). Nurses need to be responsible for their own part in delivering high quality care. Nurses need to collaborate with leaders from other health professions. They need to see themselves as decision makers who may influence health care outcomes and never turn down an opportunity to lead. They need to take advantage of opportunities to lead and create leadership…show more content…
According to the interviewees, nursing leadership may refer to the nurses’ having a passion for nursing and possessing critical thinking skills (MrDjaskari, 2013). A nurse leader manages the interactions between all departments in an organization to ensure a smooth running of the operations. Nurse leaders strive to make productive changes in health care policy and procedures to provide care that best benefits the patients. A nurse leader should be politically involved and should participate in the enactments of health care related laws that are beneficial for patients (MrDjaskari, 2013). Nursing leadership may also involve empowering other nurses and mentoring them to become active leaders. A nurse leader is a professional, an advocate, and a good communicator. A nurse leader should be both empathetic and courageous (MrDjaskari, 2013). A nurse leader drives the team effort for changes that may improve health care delivery. A nurse leader seeks out opportunities for growth and development. A nurse leader is an active member that promotes changes to the health care policy through research. This increases the body of knowledge for nurses. An active nurse leader may need to take a stand at times and become politically involved as an advocate for quality health care (MrDjaskari,…show more content…
This video provides a clear explanation of the five levels of leadership. Mr. Maxwell explained how a leader can move up the five levels of leadership in a simple manner that is easy to grasp. I found the video educational and informative. By watching this video, I realized that it is important for a leader to climb the levels of leadership. Leaders should aspire to get to the fifth level. A leader should not be satisfied with being in level one, two, three, or four (Maxwell, 2013). Leaders need to be patient while going up the levels of influence. Therefore, the higher the leader goes up the levels of leadership, the longer it takes for them to get to the fifth level. Another interesting fact about the video is that as the leader climb higher in the levels of leadership, his commitment to the organization and the people around him increases and vice versa (Maxwell, 2013). Moreover, as the leader goes up the levels of leadership, it becomes easier for him to lead and his leadership success becomes more profitable. As the leader goes up the levels of leadership, he develops a foundation for effective leadership and builds on the preceding levels. On the other hand, a leader may not be on the same level with all the people under his or her leadership. Thus, a good leader should work hard to improve himself and the people around him and carry other leaders up the leadership levels (Maxwell,
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