Nurse Intervention: An Observational Analysis

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Knowing how to prioritize and to balance client's needs are critical thinking skills in the nursing profession and are extremely important for a novice practical nurse to develop. Good skills in setting priorities link with good time management, because all our actions have different levels of importance (Ref.). A new nurse should learn to not just focus on one problem at a time but to see the whole picture of the client's needs then use their prioritization skills after. It all starts with the assessment where a patient and a nurse work together to define the client's needs. Next comes the plan of care and the nurse sets interventions that will be implemented as part of care. This is where setting priorities come into play. Through the level of necessity, some of the needs will be taken care of after a more significant need has been provided. In a case study where a client arrives at a wellness clinic with complaints of amenorrhea, what shall the practical nurse's step-by-step process should be? The client is a 28-year old female with a medical history of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. The client is anxious and states that she and her husband have been married for two years and want to start a family. From the assessment done, vital signs taken were T-36.8 C, P-88, R-22, BP-112/62, O2 Sat-99% RA, CBG-9.3. There is already a problem from the vital signs taken, as we can see, the CBG is too far from normal (Ref.). This needs to be taken care of but if we look at the whole picture, there is a huge psychosocial issue that needs to be dealt with. In this case study, I have picked Amenorrhea as the main issue. It is an absence or abnormality of menstruation and this patient is suffering from this because of her past medical h... ... middle of paper ... ...tervention should be to offer emotional support to the client by encouraging verbalization of their feelings and concerns. These open and non-threatening discussions assist the client in developing on their personal strengths and improves their self-concept and sense of ability to manage stress (Ref.). For the last intervention, the nurse should also explain medical options for infertility to the patient, for example, fertility drugs. These medications release hormones that stimulate the follicles (FSH) in the ovaries so that multiple eggs will be produced in one cycle (Ref.) . The client, if she chooses to, could take these medications to induce ovulation but the nurse shall not forget to teach the client how to take them, what time shall they take them, how much shall they take, and all the other important rules and adverse effects that the client needs to know.

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