Nueva Naturaleza

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Located in the exquisite, green forests of Rio de Janeiro lies the city, Nueva Naturaleza. Nueva Naturaleza has been through so many harsh times during the process of development and creation, but after many years of building, re-building, and creation, it is now one of the greatest cities in the world. The epithet, Nueva Naturaleza, stands for New Nature; this name represents the many ways that we have incorporated nature and technology into a futuristic city. We have founded this city in hopes that it will continue to ameliorate as the days pass. In the years before our city had created a stable environment where everything runs smoothly and flawlessly, our traffic system was the biggest dilemma. Cars, trucks, and people piled out onto the busy highway each day. Residents in Nueva Naturaleza got into many accidents and arrived late to work, which resulted in termination. The mayor was frustrated at the malfunction in our city’s traffic system, and demanded a solution at once. Civil engineers, responsible for jobs like these, began to research ways on how to solve this problem. The first solution was involved with a new type of transportation; we wanted to create something other than cars, trains, planes, etc. This would decrease the amount of traffic in our city, because residents would have a larger variety of transportation to choose from when traveling from their point A to their point B. The results to this idea were quite effective. The streets cleared out, but the traffic dilemma was still not completely solved yet. There was not much of a change to the amount of traffic that was seen in the afternoons, when many residents got off work. The streets were just as crowded and the city was just as loud as before. Still celebra... ... middle of paper ... ...out 100 healing pods, 25 surgical pods, and many more. Residents that are suffering from any disease get treated in one of our any healing pods. Doctors are required to check on patients ten times each day. We also have ambulances that keep a person alive until they can reach the type of pod that they need in order to get surgery or any other type of treatment from our doctors. These pods are very rare, and it is a very unique pod that engineers in our city have built. Residents in Nueva Naturaleza can be sure that their friend or family member will be safe and will recover quickly in our hospitals. Residents in our city are provided with the best that we can give. No matter what others think about Nueva Naturaleza, we will always stand tall and ignore these remarks. We will welcome other people that are willing to live in Nueva Naturaleza graciously with open arms.
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