Nuclear power

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One of the most important problems the world is facing today is limited supply of energy resources. It is generally agreed that oil, coal and gas will come to end after some time; therefore it is essential to find a replacement for fossil fuels before they are exhausted. Scientists have carried out many researches, and one of the proposed solutions is nuclear power. Nuclear energy, or atomic energy, is produced in nuclear reactions, when nuclear particles collide with a neutron and explode, emitting energy. Its important characteristic is tremendous efficiency, such that great amount of energy can be generated from small amount of nuclear fuel, which makes it efficient and long-lasting. Nuclear energy was discovered in late 1930s and was initially used to build atomic bombs, however after the Second World War it started to be used in production of electricity. Most of people have a prejudice against nuclear energy because of atomic bombs and accidents on nuclear power stations. They think that it is risky and unreliable, when in fact modern technology can provide safe usage of atomic energy. This project will investigate the advantages and disadvantages of atomic energy, suggest possible actions to improve security measures of nuclear power and determine whether it can be a safe substitute for current fossil fuel energy resources or not. Nuclear power could be more environmentally friendly than other energy resources. First of all nuclear reactors produce relatively very small amount of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide or sulphur dioxide(Hinrichs and Kleinbach 2006). Holger Rogner (2010) states that nuclear reactors emit only a few grams of greenhouse gases during production of a kWh of electricity, this... ... middle of paper ... ...s only one reactor and produces 73% of its electricity. Nuclear energy status in Russia is not high; it produces 17% of its electricity by 31 operating reactors. (Schneider et al. 2009) Most of these countries have nuclear waste management programs and nuclear industry expanding plans. (Schneider et al. 2009) High status of nuclear energy in developed countries shows that nuclear power could become main electricity supplier. In conclusion, nuclear energy can be a safe way to yield electricity. Modern reactors and international safety measures can avoid most of perils of nuclear energy. Nuclear industry is developing and improving safety and security measures, which regulate proliferation, waste disposal and ageing of nuclear power plants. Moreover environmental and economic benefits demonstrate nuclear power being preferable substitute for fossil fuel resources.
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