Nuclear Proliferation

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Nuclear Proliferation
Nuclear proliferation is an important issue to the world as we know it. It is known as the spreading of nuclear weapons to nations that are not recognized as “Nuclear Weapon States”. This is a process that can be very dangerous and hazardous to every country on the planet because these weapons are of mass destruction. It is an incredible undertaking to stop nuclear proliferation and it is something that has been fought against since the cold war. Other countries have even joined the United States in trying to stop these weapons from falling into the wrong hands such as terrorists.
During the cold war is when the concern over nuclear weapons started to mount and this is what caused nuclear proliferation to take its hold in the history of our planet. The initial nuclear proliferation started during the cold war because of the arms race that ensued between the United States, the Soviet Union, and their allies (Aliprandini). There were many attempts to control nuclear weapons such as the Antiballistic Missile treaty or the Strategic Arms Limitation treaty. After the end of the cold war the world stockpile of nuclear weapons was comprised from 53,000 nuclear warheads. 97 percent of this belonged in the hands of the United States and the Soviet Union. Three other states acknowledged possession of nuclear weapons such as China, France and the United Kingdom. During the cold war five un-named states also received nuclear warheads Even though only two have been used in war they are still used as a component of fear as any country that has a nuclear weapon now has a vast amount of power.
Terrorists that are in possession of nuclear weapons will present a horrific outlook on nuclear proliferation as they are more li...

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...uclear weapons is something that must continue until all warring parties are disarmed. The NPT was a major success as an advocate of arms control and it set a precedent between states to prevent proliferation, something that needs to be taken care of still to this day.

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