Nuclear Power: A Reliable Source or a Dangerous Industry?

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Effects of Nuclear Power Nuclear power is on the rise as it is a cleaner alternative to other energies; nations are trying to increase the production of energy from nuclear power in order to go ‘Green’ and to save the environment and the ozone layer from greenhouse gases. Other energy resources utilize fossil fuels such as coal and petroleum and create large amounts of greenhouse gases. However, nuclear Energy is extremely dangerous as plants can suffer from catastrophic meltdowns and even explosions. Nuclear energy also produces dangerous radioactive waste which has to be stored on the nuclear plant site. The use of Nuclear power leaves behind an enormous amount of waste to be dealt with by a later generation. Without an increase in nuclear technology to make the industry safer and to rid of the waste, the best solution would be to eliminate the use of nuclear power before the world has become too dependent to wane itself off the energy source. The use of Nuclear Power began in the early 20th century and was originally used for means of war. However, research began on harnessing the power of nuclear energy to create electricity and on December 20th, 1951, electricity was created for the first time by nuclear means. From there, the technology spread to naval submarines and supplying areas with power. (Wikipedia contributors) In in 1971, almost two and a half percent of the United States electricity came from only twenty two reactors. In 1979, twelve percent of the nation’s electricity came from seventy two reactors. In 2011, twenty percent of America’s electricity is produced by just over a hundred reactors. (Holmes 1) Nuclear power is not an alternative without dangers. This has been made clear by past nuclear powe... ... middle of paper ... was done by Sarah Richardson whose back ground is unknown. Richardson has done several articles on the matter and seems to hold, even if a small amount, some credibility. "Issue Briefs." UniStar Nuclear Energy. Web. 18 May 2011. . The Unistar website provides plenty of information on the safety of nuclear power plants. It also offers information on why nuclear energy may be our only future energy resource. It addresses many issues that relate to the problem and suggests nuclear energy is completely safe and adds to the argument for a nuclear energy future. The authors are those of the corporation. They may show some biased towards the safety and future use of nuclear energy, but still provides some facts that have been brought up in other sources. The only difference is the argument behind the information
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