Nuclear Power

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Nuclear power political or sociological. Bruno Latour seems to speak of the lines becoming blurred between science, society and politics. It seemed for so many years that science was holding politics in a stranglehold, and vice versa, intermittently through the years since the industrial revolution. Latour examines the thought that over time the scientists could have perhaps been a little elitist in the way they conduct their affairs ( Latour Sloterdijk 2009) within the secretive realms of science; and could now be more accountable to a population with masses of information at their fingertips. Certainly, society has become more inquisitive and is more willing to challenge decisions that come out of the science camp as a whole. With societies new freedom and a new apparently unrestricted source and appetite for information. Society as a whole could also be fed information via political tools such as the media; in order to realise both politicians’ and scientists’ views on how things should be and may be in place to manipulate such ideas for their own ends. Try to lose a few words from the introduction – it would help overall if your sentences were shorter and more direct e.g. the first sentence of the next paragraph is perfect Point 2; In this essay I hope to be able to discuss facts and assumptions as I endeavour to find out about the nuclear power industry. I will take an analytical approach regarding how the whole industry is perceived by society as a whole. How information and or even myth may be metered out to sell to the general public(Zinberg 1979) Even to the majority of the world community in order to sell a product on the open worldwide market; or maybe even to test out new technology beyond the lab by use ... ... middle of paper ... ...atter does not appear to be addressed but at least it is something that everybody seems to agree on that nobody seems to have any kind of long term plan on what should be done (Bradford 2006) and although nuclear power is being sold as the lesser of two evils the human race seems intent on either poisoning there atmosphere or poisoning the very earth they live on, as in the fact of how waste is stored at the minute by methods of vitrifying it (sealing in glass) and placing in concrete bunkers until a solution is found this could either be viewed as burying our heads in the sand or waiting for the scientist to come up with a solution and as the human race does progress and a belief in necessity is the mother of invention this could lead onto finding a real and workable solution for the ever increasing stocks of contaminated waste that is increasing year on year.

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