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Nuclear Energy: The Future Energy Source America uses a lot of energy to supply electricity to millions of homes and businesses and needs an energy source that will supply an abundant amount of power but is also efficient. Nuclear energy is a reliable and efficient energy source that America can use. Fossil fuels and other resources used in the United States are running out or are very expensive. Nuclear power will provide a cost effective and long term power supply. America should use nuclear energy because of its many benefits which are environmental benefits, economic benefits, safety, power production, and reliability.. Nuclear power is a potential energy source for America because of its many economic benefits. Nuclear power plants would create thousands of jobs and has a low cost of production. Davis writes in her article “The Necessary Good that is Nuclear Power”, that nuclear energy has the lowest cost of production which is 2.14 cents per kilowatt hour. The building of power plants will create 1,400 – 1,800 jobs because they need workers who can use concrete, steel, and other materials (9). The creation of jobs in America will stimulate the economy and since the cost of running a power plant is low, the owners of the plants can afford to keep them operating. Also, the jobs created by nuclear power plants cannot be sent to other countries and they produce millions of dollars. In the article “Energy the focus of the Country’s Economic Needs”, the author says building nuclear power plants create jobs that cannot be sent overseas. Nuclear power plants also make $ 430 million a year, so they will be able to pay their workers good salaries (Whitman 55). The United States has become very dependent on foreign resources and if m... ... middle of paper ... ...e “Advantages of Nuclear Power”, the author states fossil fuels are running out. Nuclear energy would be a decent alternative. You can use uranium, plutonium, or thorium to generate power in the power plants (Naik 1). Unlike coal plants, that can only use coal for a power source, nuclear power can use many elements. Even though nuclear energy has its pros and cons, it should be used more in the United States. If there were more power plants in America, it would save millions of dollars and create thousands of jobs for skilled workers. The nuclear power plants would also help save many habitats and the Earth. There is little to no pollution made from nuclear power and they do not need a lot of land to be built. Safety is continuing to increase which eases people’s worries. The power produced by nuclear energy is so great that it can supply power to the entire world.

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