Nuclear Energy Agree Or Disagree

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Andrew Koke English Honors 1 Mrs. Turner 5 March 2014 Nuclear Energy: Agree or Disagree? Have you ever wondered which is more significant: The advantages or disadvantages of nuclear power? Many people think nuclear energy is a great energy source to use, but others disagree and think it is too risky. Are you someone that is scared to use nuclear energy because of its disadvantages, or are you someone who thinks nuclear energy is a good source of energy? This paper will convey both sides of the issue and allow you, the reader, to decide. There is much support for nuclear energy, but there are also many who fear the dangers are not to be ignored. The Positives and Negatives of Nuclear Energy Many factors are involved in the nuclear power controversy on both sides of the issue. Some articles say nuclear energy is a good source of energy, and it is vital to our civilization, but others are concerned with the dangers related to nuclear energy. Evidence shows that nuclear power plants do not cost very much to run, are a very efficient source of energy, do not harm the environment, and provide many jobs. On the other side of the issue, the people against the use of nuclear energy believe that nuclear energy causes negative health effects and may release radioactive waste. Also, disasters may result from storms or other causes, and the uneducated people on the topic think nuclear power plant pollution can harm the environment. Examples to show that Nuclear Energy is a Good Source of Energy Two facts to show that the use of nuclear power is a more efficient and viable source of energy compared to fossil fuel energy is that while the initial cost of a nuclear power plant may cost more, a fossil fuel plant costs much more to mainta... ... middle of paper ... ...n on Nuclear Energy, and Summary Do you think we should keep using nuclear energy, or do you think that it is too risky? I personally think we should keep using nuclear energy. I think this because although it has some disadvantages, such as possibly causing negative health effects,releasing radioactive waste, and may cause disasters; it also has many advantages,such as that it is harmless to the environment, it is an efficient source of energy, it costs less to maintain than fossil fuels, and it provides many jobs, that will keep our world running for many years to come. So, now that you have read this article on the advantages and disadvantages of nuclear energy, are you someone who thinks that nuclear energy could be a great source of energy and keep our world for many years to come, or do you fear that the dangers of nuclear energy are too many to be ignored?
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