Nuclear Energy

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There are sources of energy that are renewable and do not cause so many pollutants, however they only contribute a smaller amount to the energy pyramid. These sources include hydro-electric power, wind power, solar energy and biomass energy. Most of these fuel sources do not produce as much energy as efficiently as the majority of fuel sources used today. Solar power is a clean source of practically inexhaustible energy. Solar plants are easy to construct and solar power is safe. It has many uses from heating to direct electric energy generation. Wind power is also a clean source of energy, however it can be intermittent and low yielding. Moving along to hydro-electric energy generation which is used slightly more than the other sources, creates more of an efficient system of converting energy but it is necessary to have some kind of water flow nearby. Biomass has been a source of fuel longer than any other source. It has a relatively renewable source and burns semi-clean.
A new innovation to the technology developed by the Hydro Environmental Resources, Inc. (H.E.R.I.) is an Electro Chem-Hydrogen Fuel Reactor (ECHFR). It produces a clean burning hydrogen gas at a low pressure from any source of water. (H.E.R.I.). One positive aspect of the system is that there is no electrical input needed to power the system. The product burns free of smell and fumes and is 99.4% hydrogen, the most abundant element in our solar system. The system is designed t...

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