Nuclear Energy

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As we move towards environment friendly societies, the focus is on effects of the energy source technology on the environment and on public health. Previously, burning of coal became the main source for energy generation; however, it soon posed danger as Carbon dioxide released accumulated in the atmosphere which is dangerous to the environment. It resulted in trapping heat that is supposed to exit and thus a contributing to greenhouse effect and global warming. It also posed threat to human health: black lung due to coal dust, asthma and chronic obstruction pulmonary diseases. As a result, the other energy sources were developed to meet the rising demand of the growing population. Nuclear power was one such alternative, which comparatively had less the environmental and public health impact. In this essay, the first part will discuss the comparison of the environmental and public health impact of nuclear power as the source for the production of electricity with the effects of coal. Second part will evaluate the growth potential of nuclear energy source for electricity production and report on the main obstacles to increasing the usage of this source will be presented and possible damages to the environment will be critically analyzed. The conclusion along with the possibilities of further promotion of the technology will be given. `Nuclear power is the energy released during the splitting or fusing of atomic nuclei’ (Microsoft Encarta Premium). Currently, on an average, 20% of energy utilized in the US comes from the nuclear reactors. Presently, there are about 104 operating nuclear reactors run by 30 different nuclear power plant (NPP) companies in the United States. The licenses of 26 NPP have been extended by another twent... ... middle of paper ...> Anon. 2009. A Resurgence of Nuclear Power Poses Significant Challenges. Accessed via Union of Concerned Scientists, 5 October 2011 Clapp, Richard W. Nuclear Power and Public Health. Accessed via 5 October 2011 El-Hinnawi, Essam. Review of the Environmental Impact of Nuclear Energy. IAEA BULLETIN-VOL 20, NO.2. 4 October 2011 "Nuclear Energy." Microsoft® Encarta® 2009 [DVD]. Redmond, WA: Microsoft Corporation, 2008. ``Nuclear Power’s Changing Future’’ IAEA Press Release. 26 June 2004

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