Nt1330 Unit 9 Final Project

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Part 2
a. First of all, for this project I will focus on a café located in food court at Chadstone
Shopping Centre. This is a small family run business that is located in this location for
3 years, since it moved there from another place. Its core business is to serve coffee, beverages like tea or soft drinks, juices and some biscuits and desserts to customers.
The peak hours are between 08:00 to 10:00, 12:00-14:00 and 18:00-20:00. The scope of this company covers all the company and its operational aspects. Some critical success factor are customer satisfaction, which means to reduce the customer complaints and also to reduce the costs involved.
b. In this project, the internal stakeholders are the employees. Those include Helen who is the
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d. In order to inform the relevant parties and seek feedback from them, I will send the below email to them:
TO: Helen, Jack, Cindy, Cecily, Jordan, Joss
CC: John
Dear Sirs,
Please note that our café is currently undertaking a risk assessment. The scope of this process is 1. To identify any potential risk that could have a negative effect in the operations of the company and 2. to take action in order to reduce the impact of those risks. To be more specific, we will focus on how to improve customer service and how to reduce financial losses. For this reason anyone is welcome to share with us by replying in this email any associated risk that they have identified. Any feedback is welcome, no matter how insignificant it might sound.
Thank you in advance in supporting and participating in this process.
e. In order to do that and identify the risks, I used the tools of interviewing and of the checklist. To be more specific, a major risk in the coffee industry is running out of supplies. So for this issue I contacted Helen who is in charge of the supplies and asked her how many times this has happened and how this was dealt. Another risk is fire
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