Nt1330 Unit 5 Assignment 1

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In Game Name: Splitzz_ Where are you from ? (E.g US or EU & timezone): US Easturn Age: 16 (Male/Female): Male Do you have Slack/Teamspeak/Skype?: ( A working Mic are required) Yes Please provide Skype: repulsivestrawftw Have you been staff on any other server?: Yes Many Can you record?: Yes Past Experience: I have a whole lot of experience moderating servers and players. For one I was staff on an HCF server that had 500 players daily and was very challenging and made me learn new things. But I did end up resigning from that server due to personal issues with the type of staff. I also was Admin on a server with 70+ players and ran the server daily, with the console access and etc. And another server I was staff on which I'm sure many people…show more content…
By this I mean, keep the chat clean and non-toxic, keep the server clean of hackers, be active and responsive towards the players, and be respectful to everyone on the server and handle situations with great responsibility and uphold the rules of the server. I also have been told by many of my peers that I am good at PvP and I am good at catching hackers and screen sharing. With this experience and knowledge, I want to bring back screen sharing people more often instead of directly banning them. Screen sharing is a great way to find out if someone is using a ghost client or any type of hacked client, and if something is found that relates to them cheating they won't have questions on why they were banned in the first place. I can share my knowledge among the staff members and be a great addition to the staff team. Also, I absolutely love to moderate FFA. I usually just PvP in FFA all day because I find it really fun and entertaining. And I found that most of the hackers on the server come from FFA because when hackers join the server they won't have armor, but going into FFA is free armor and you get to hack against people (which is their main goal). Also, I would not just dedicate all my work and time into the FFA, but also into moderating the chat and helping out players when they need assistance. And I am willing to dedicate most of my time to play
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